Get Your Hands on The Batman Who Laughs Rising

The Batman Who Laughs Rising

The Batman Who Laughs is rising in the new game, Get Your Hands on The Batman Who Laughs Rising from The OP. It’s a terrifying side of Batman as one of DC’s most dangerous villains comes to tabletop games.

The Batman Who Laughs is a twisted evil version of Batman merged with the conscious of the Joker coming from the Dark Multiverse. A deadly combination of smarts and willingness to do anything to win, he’s been a terror for the DC Universe. The Batman Who Laughs has transported from DC’s thrilling Dark Nights: Metal series to terrorize the tabletop, accompanied by an evil army from across the DC universe. Working together as your favorite DC Super Heroes is more important now than ever, as players are urged to recruit allies, overpower the boss’s slew of Dark Knights, and prevent the relentless monster from taking over the universe.

In the game, players start by choosing their favorite starting Super Hero among Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Hawk Girl, and the true vigilante Batman to defeat seven malicious Batman-The Joker hybrids that lead up to a faceoff with the quintessential Super-Villain himself—a shadowy enrobed and spike-blinded figure gripping Rabid Robins with a fistful of dangling chains. The Batman Who Laughs is at the center of this game as a custom sculpted, 120mm full color figure who oversees three zones where you and the other players must match dice to either add Heroes to your team or defeat threatening villains.

While similar to other Rising games in that players are joined by familiar allies, including fellow Justice League members Superman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, tension is especially built up by a unique story arc-inspired Dark Knights Track, which not only pulls powerful anti-heroes into play as the game progresses, but forces players to confront the strongest Super-Villains before having a winning chance! Only by first defeating all seven cards that comprise this lineup of dangerous Batman Super-Villain combos, such as The Drowned, The Devastator, and The Red Death, can players go on to battle the demonic leader, putting their combined skills of Power, Purpose, Justice, and Determination to the ultimate test.

Also included are 1 Deployment Zone Tile, 4 double-sided Dark Knights Track Tiles, 1 Dark Knights Die, 1 The Batman Who Laughs Die, 15 Hero Dice, 32 Dark Knights Track Counters, 60 Damage counters, 4 Team Deployment Tokens, 30 Bonus Tokens, 4 Team Ability Cards, 38 Characters (Hero and Villain) Cards, 7 Dark Knights Cards plus 1 The Batman Who Laughs Card, and rulebook.

The Batman Who Laughs Rising is for 1-4 players, ages 15 and up. It retails for $49.99.

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