Gipsy Danger Comes to Pacific Rim: Extinction

River Horse has announced that Gipsy Danger is being added for free to all “Extinction” pledge levels for Pacific Rim: Exctinction. The game currently has a Kickstarter campaign running and has already been funded.

Gipsy Danger stands at over 75mm tall and marks the first expansion to come from the first Pacific Rim film – and now you get her included in your pledge at no extra cost! She is included as a complete expansion, including Conn-Pod profile sheet, ranger cards and upgrades, so you’ve got everything to use her in game.

This means that the Extinction (£65) pledge level now includes the Core Set, complete with an array of stretch goal additions that include bonus 3D buildings, terrain tiles, and scenario/quick-play cards – Saber Athena Expansion Set and Hakuja Expansion Set plus free Gipsy Avenger Expansion Set. Bought separately this would cost £95.

The campaign ends April 4.

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