Golem Arcana Announces Updates

golem arcana featuredHarebrained Schemes have announced some updates for their digitally-enhanced miniatures board game Golem Arcana. This update includes numerous expansions and new features that are added for free through the Golem Arcana App.

These features provide greater re-playability, even more strategy & tactics, and new support systems for Golem Arcana Emissaries running in-store events.

  • Scenario Builder – Players can design their own custom games laying out map tiles, mana wells, deployment zones, capture zones, and set unique victory conditions. This feature significantly expands the variety of Golem Arcana scenarios.
  • Army Builder – Golem Arcana’s built-in Army Builder has been revamped to include many new player-requested features, including a highly flexible Unit Sorting system and Tap-to-Find-Unit system.
  • In-App Purchases – While building their forces, players will have the option to instantly download digital Knights and Ancient Ones to add to their armies. These powerful new units provide players with exciting new tactics and strategies while the Army Builder maintains the game’s balance.
  • Save Game – For the first time, players will be able to save the status of their boardgame and resume it at a convenient time.
  • Emissary System – The new Emissary System makes organizing and running Organized Play events a snap and provides Golem Arcana’s dedicated team of Emissaries around the world with management features such as Event Registration, the ability to unlock special in-store only scenarios, and provide feedback on events.

More updates to the Golem Arcana App are already planned. The game’s follow-up release will allow up to 8 players to vie for supremacy in giant free-for-all battles.

Harebrained Scheme’s first Living World Campaign, Shadow of the Khan, is already underway. Living World Campaigns consist of three story-arc scenarios in which players’ in-game choices have a direct effect on the world of Eretsu. These special scenarios, each available for a limited two week window, give players the opportunity to directly affect the game setting through their choices of factions and leaders, acceptance and completion of quests, conversations with game characters and, of course, the win or loss of every battle.

Data is collected during each scenario and trending results are tweeted as “dispatches from the front” at @HeraldofEretsu. The final results of players’ actions are aggregated to determine the fate of the world of Eretsu.

The Shadow of the Khan campaign’s first scenario, The Battle of Two Rock, has already been recorded in the annals of Eretus History and can be read here. The next scenario, The Caves of Mahtis, is live and can be played through December 3rd. The final scenario, The Lords of the Line will be live from December 10th through December 24th.

Finally, the company announced the next seven Golem Expansion Sets beginning with Urugal – Reapers of the Sands, available in retail stores starting today. Golem Expansion Sets increase a player’s army building strategies and add exciting new battlefield tactics. Titles and release dates are:

  • Urugal – Reapers of the Sands – November 19, 2014
  • Iron Earthfall and Carapace Brute, Elite GolemsDecember 3, 2014
  • Gudanna Valkali Colossus – December 10, 2014
  • Map Tile Set 3: Marshes of KeshDecember 10, 2014
  • Jade Guardian Elite Set January 7, 2015
  • Durani – Scions of Honor January 21, 2015
  • Rangers of the Oath Elite SetFebruary 4, 2015
  • Zikia – Spirits of the Wildwood February 11, 2015

We purchased and played the game at Gen Con, experiencing numerous issues with the app. You can read our initial review here. After upgrading to newer technology we still have experienced numerous issues including frozen games and bluetooth connection issues. Our initial review stands that the game is a great concept, but without serious work on the app itself, the game is a crap-shoot if it’s playable.


  • I play Golem Arcana and use a Galaxy Note 10.1″ 2014 Edition tablet and sometimes use a Galaxy Note II as well. I’m wondering what devices “After upgrading to newer technology…” the OP referred to? I haven’t experienced any Bluetooth disconnects (other than the by-design 5 minute stylus inactivity battery saver) and haven’t had a single crash since the app was updated right after release in…August?

    I’m not questioning that crashes happen, I know on some devices they do. Which is why I was wondering what devices you folks upgraded to that were experiencing problems? The Golem Arcana site does have a list of supported devices for the app, and the official as well as unofficial forums have a more comprehensive, community-tested list as well.

  • Oh, also…if you’re experiencing crashes, have you contacted the developers for support? They’re very responsive (Though I just saw they’re taking Thanksgiving week off or something. I guess they’re letting the team unwind.) and I’ve seen how some user feedback and a log report from the game can get a problem fixed in a future update. ^_^

    • Yes, crashes are reported. When the item was first purchased at Gen Con we were told by the Golem Arcana team it worked on a device that wasn’t supported (iPads other than Gen 1). Then we tried it on another device, and a developer said they know that device was buggy, and there were internal fights on whether to release for it.

      Then new hardware was purchased, a Droid Dell Venue 8, that still has issues as well, and there was no other software on the device to interfere. I stand by the “buyer beware” and the game was released a bit too soon, and should have remained in beta much longer.

      • Interesting. I run on a Dell Venue 8 without any problems at all. I actually have 3 tablets that run the app… the Venue 8, a Galaxy Tab 4 (7″ version), and a Nexus 7 (2103 model). No issues with any of them. The Nexus even got the upgrade to Android 5 (lollipop) and no problems.

        The Dell is my workhorse however, since it has a slightly bigger screen. And like I said… never a problem.

  • Wasn’t the Dell Venue 8 the tablets that HBS used to demonstrate Golem Arcana all through Gencon?

  • I know a number of the Kickstarter backers picked up the Venue 8 just to play and locally demo the game. I wonder if any of them are having a similar experience with recent updates? Hmm. I’ll hit up the forums and ask around, though I haven’t seen/heard of any standout issues yet. ^_^

  • I don’t know anything about Android machines – but in regards to the iOS stuff it was clear that the game was never going to compatible with iPad 2 which does not have Bluetooth 4 LE technology (I think it has 4 but not LE). I asked HBS regarding this in the late spring and that was my answer. Has worked fine with iPad 3.

    • Which is interesting because when we sat down with the team at Gen Con, they said iPad 2 was good to go. We were told everything but the first gen iPad was ok. And there were multiple people there to witness it. So you can imagine our disappointment when we bought it there, brought it back to the room to play, and then it didn’t work.

  • Michael Kindt Dalzen

    Have you tried a clean install of the app? I know others in the community have had some issues linger between updates that they’ve been able to clear up by deleting the app and then reinstalling fresh.

    • Yup, it was done earlier on. At this point, there’s too many other games to play to fiddle with it.

      • Michael Kindt Dalzen

        That’s unfortunate you’re suffering technical issues. You might give it another spin with the December update and see if that helps with your problems. The game certainly has some rough spots, but it’s a tremendous amount of fun and pushing the envelope for the fusion of tabletop and digital gaming. The HBS team has been hard at work smoothing out the experience and trying to make sure it runs great on as many devices as possible. It’s a work in progress, but they are definitely not ignoring any issues that crop up.

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