Help Raise Money for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation and Support Worthy Causes

NOVA Open Charitable Foundation

With the 2020 NOVA Open canceled it’s charity organization, the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation missed its major opportunity to raise money for worthy charities.

But, the organization is undeterred and raising money through online raffles for the organizations it supports.

Charitable giving has been rough this year due to COVID so fundraisers like this are important. NOVA Open’s primary charities, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, and Fisher House Foundation have all said they’ve seen a drop in donations. So, they need the gaming community’s help more than ever.

The 2020 NOCF Fall Raffles are going on right now and the organization hopes to add it the over $310,000 it has raised so far for these causes.

The current raffle has less than 3 weeks remaining and there’s some impressive figures you can win including figures for Warhammer 40K/30K and Infinity.

Check out what’s currently being raffled and help raise some money!

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