Heroclix – Baron Strucker

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Wizkids continues to role out previews for the upcoming Marvel Heroclix Captain America.  Up next is Baron Strucker.

Heroclix Baron StruckerFrom the Wizkids website:

At 150 points, Baron Strucker is well-suited to lead your hordes of Hydra minions into battle! Early-dial Running Shot allows Strucker to aim his attacks from a vantage point of his choosing, while Mastermind and Leadership lets Strucker get the most out of his followers.  Should an opponent be willing to base him, perhaps in the hopes of cutting him off form his troops, Strucker’s Satan Claw special power will make them regret their decision; the Baron will strike his opponent with such force (using Blades/Claws/Fangs) that adjacent friendly figures will feel the effects of the blow as well! An additional benefit is that the Satan Claw special power also allows the use of Energy Explosion, giving Strucker excellent close and ranged combat options.

Mid-dial, Baron Strucker changes tactics and switches to melee, leaping into battle with Charge and regular Blades/Claws/Fangs (demonstrating his penchant for sabre fencing).  Toughness replaces Mastermind while early-dial Outwit takes the place of Strucker’s initial Leadership.

Late-dial, Strucker’s evil resources are demonstrated by his Death Spore Virus special power, which llows the use of Poison but with a twist! Adjacent opposing figures with a point value of 100 or more (or figures named Nick Fury!) take two clicks of damage instead of the standard one! Strucker’s late-dial also allows him to heal back up to his potent mid-dial with Regenerate, or you can simply Pulse Wave your opponents to death!

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