Heroclix – Hydra Agent and Richard Fisk

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Wizkids keeps rolling out the previews for the upcoming Marvel Heroclix Captain America.  Up next is a Hydra Agent and Richard Fisk.

Heroclix Hydra AgentFrom the Wizkids website:

At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss the Hydra Agent but don’t let appearances deceive you! Striking form the shadows, the Hydra Agent uses Stealth to conceal his approach.  Team up a few Hydra Agents together in hindering terrain and they can each gain the benefit of the Hydra team ability as they each make ranged combat attacks against their foes.

And speaking of ranged combat attacks, if you push your Hydra Agents they gain the use of Energy Explosion which is always handy for damaging multiple opposing figures at a time! Better yet, you don’t have to fear pushing (or just using Mastermind to shunt damage onto) your Hydra Agents because their trait, Cut Off One Limb ensures that you will have ample replacements should the worst happen to your Agents.

Heroclix Richard FiskFrom the Wizkids website:

Richard Fisk brings a host of useful powers to your Hydra force! Early-dial Shape Change keeps your opponents on their toes.  Shape Change gives way to Outwit as Richard Fisk demonstrates his tactical acumen for attacking his foe’s resources.  Finally late-dial Perplex allows Richard Fisk to add that extra little bit of help where it will do the most good for your force.

That’s not all!  Fisk’s Supreme Hydra, For Now special power allows you to choose your highest point figure each turn and allow them to use Mastermind.  The selected figure can only send damage to figures with the Hydra keyword, but that’s what the Hydra Agents are for!

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