HeroClix Online Announces Instant Access, Delivers New Starter Set To All Players

The developers of HeroClix Online, the digital transliteration of the popular turn-based collectible miniatures game, have made collecting, creating a force and joining the battle easier than ever. Beginning today, all new players will enjoy instant access to the online game and account creation, with a free download. In addition, all new and existing accounts will receive a free WizKids Original Starter Set to get started building their force.

Virtual figures included in the WizKids Original Starter Set are Steam, Vayne, Scarlet Shadow, Saiga, Black Wave, Reincarnator, Mayax, Von Grusom, Mistress Von Grusom, and V.I.L.E. Soldier.

Since launch in 2011, HeroClix Online has added numerous digital collections, maps, tournaments and features to the game, for a total of over 700 figures to date, including Gravity Feeds, Starter Packs, Fast Forces and Sets, with additional collections slated to release this year.


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