Heroclix – Red Skull

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Wizkids continues to roll out previews for Marvel Heroclix Captain America and have shown off the Red Skull.

Heroclix Red SkullFrom the Wizkids website:

The Red Skull has always been one of Captain America’s most dangerous adversaries, and the Skull’s Captain America’s Cloned Body trait demonstrates how far he’s willing to go to defeat his hated foe!  A full dial of Leadership is great, a full dial of Leadership and Close Combat Expert? That’s even better! (Or worse, depending on which end of the attacks you’re on!)

The Red Skull starts with early-dial Charge as he manuevers into position and strikes at your foes! Once he’s in position, the Red Skull’s Poison power continues to damage opposing figures while Outwit allows the Skull to counter just the right powers at the right moment.

Outwit gives way to the Red Skull’s Tactical Genius of the Reich special power which allows him to lower an opposing figure’s defense value by -1 if they’re within 8 squres and adjcent to two or more figures friendly to the Red Skull.

Toughness eventually gives way to Mastermind as the Red Skull displays his penchant for putting others in harms way to promote his evil schemes.  Mid-dial, the Red Skull utilizes his trademarked Dust of Death and uses Poison both normally and when inflicting damage on chracters less than 100 points (or named Captain America!), the Skull’s Dust of Death special power deals 2 damage! Finally, late-dial Regeneration allows the Red Skull to stay in the fight and return to plague Captain America again and again!

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