Heroclix – Squirrel Girl

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Wizkids continues to bring it’s previews of it’s upcoming Marvel Heroclix Captain America release.  Up next is Squirrel Girl.

Heroclix Squirrel GirlFrom their website:

At only 59 points Squirrel Girl definitely packs more than a rodent-sized wallop! An opening click of Stealth hides Squirrel Girl as she skulks through the branches of her favorite tree, before jumping into the fray with Leap/Climb.

Mid-dial Squirrel Girl picks up Incapacitate as she distracts and disarms her opponents with her bushy tail, while toward the end of her dial Squirrel Girl takes a bite out of crime with Blades/Claws/Fangs.

Combat Reflexes helps keep Squirrel Girl safe from danger as opponents will find themselves stymied by her incredible squirrel-like instincts, while Exploit Weakness allows her ample oppourtunity to serve justice to the unlikeliest of enemies!

That’s not all though, as Squirrel Girl is the one of several figures in the Captain America set to sport the new removable element feature! And what would Squirrel Girl be without her trusty woodland sidekicks? Squirrel Girl’sMonkey Joe Trait allows her to use Super Senses while Monkey Joe is attached to her base as a second pair of eyes helps her to avoid danger and confund her foes!

 However, Squirrel Girl’s other Trait, Run, Monkey Joe, Run! allows Monkey Joe to take a more active role in the game as you literaly remove him from Squirrel Girl’s base! Once separated from Squirrel Girl, Monkey Joe possesses all of the stats and powers as listed on the back of Squirrel Girl’s character card (or simply print out a copy of Monkey Joe’s bystander token below).

The squirrelly goodness doesn’t end there though! Should the worst befall Monkey Joe and your opponent manages to K.O. him, you re-attach him to Squirrel Girl’s base, again allowing her access to Super Senses or another opportunity to unleash her allies upon your foes!

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