Heroclix – Steve Rogers

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Wizkids has started to preview figures for it’s upcoming Heroclix Captain America set.  Up first is Steve Rogers.

Heroclix Steve RogersFrom the Wixkids website:

At 99 points, Steve Rogers is a powerhouse addition to your force! Always the first to leap into danger, Steve Rogers manuevers into position with early-dial Running Shot, while Energy Shield/Deflection helps protect him from ranged retaliation.

Mid-dial, Steve Rogers changes tactics and utilizes subterfuge to accomplish his tasks with Stealth.  Striking from the shadows, Steve Rogers attacks with Ranged Combat Expert and with a healthy dose of Willpower, he can act two turns in a row without fear of pushing damage!  Toward the end of his dial, Steve Rogers picks up Combat Reflexes and Close Combat Expert as he demonstrates his decades of martial experience.

With a full dial of Leadership, Steve Rogers is perfect to lead your force into battle, but that’s not all! Friendly figures with the S.H.I.E.L.D. and Avengers keywords get an additional bonus when adjacent to Steve Rogers, befitting his new status as Commander in both organizations.

With consistent and aggressive combat values, a host of very useful powers, a versatile Keyword selection, his incredible The Focal Point trait, as well as two great Team Abilities,  Steve Rogers will be an excellent leader for any team!

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