HeroQuest Now Available to Order


After an impressive crowdfunding project on Hasbro’s Haslab, HeroQuest is now available to order from game shops. The classic game received an update funded through Hasbro’s platform that resulted in over $3.7 million pledged. The Haslab crowdfunding campaign also featured two new expansions, “Kellar’s Keep” and “Return of the Witchlord”.

HeroQuest is a dungeon crawl board game where heroes work together to complete epic quests, find treasures and defeat the forces of evil. This semi-cooperative board game has one player taking on the role of Zargon, the Game Master, while 4 mythical heroes–Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, and Wizard–team up in their quest for adventure in a maze of monsters and eerie dark dungeons. Players can immerse themselves in the fantasy with the stunning artwork, and 65+ detailed miniatures. The game comes with 14 quests, and has limitless replayability because players can also build their own quests and create their own stories. Gather friends together for an exciting night of tabletop gameplay in an epic battle of good and evil.

The main game includes the gameboard, 31 monster miniatures, 4 hero miniatures, 15 furniture pieces, 10 skull pieces, 4 plastic rat pieces, 21 dungeon doors, 93 game cards, 4 turn-order cards, cardboard tiles, Quest Book, 4 character cards, Game Master’s screen, pad of character sheets, 6 white combat dice, 2 red dice, and rulebook.

The main game is available directly from Hasbro, Entertainment Earth, and more for $125.99. You can also get it at Miniature Market for $107.99.

Also coming is HeroQuest: Commander of the Guardian Knights Expansion. This collector’s edition includes 2 highly-detailed Champion of the Guardian Knights figures on 25mm bases, each with powers and skills not seen in other HeroQuest characters. The set also includes 12 game cards. You can purchase the expansion from Entertainment Earth, Best Buy, or more for $14.99. Miniature Market has it for $12.99.

HeroQuest: Commander of the Guardian Knights Expansion

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