IDW Games Steps into the Arena with King of the Creepies

Being King is good. But being the King of the Creepies is even better. And you’ve got to be King, or else you’ll just be… creepy.

King of the Creepies is a card combat game, where players draw and battle their Creepies in an effort to win enough Victory Crystals to be crowned the King of the Creepies! With Creepy combatants like Noctornal Manimal, Sherlock Bones, Edward Tankhands, and Nighty Knight, the narcoleptic man-at-arms, designer Jon Cohn’s tongue-in-cheek sense of humor shines through as soon as you draw your first card.The game takes place in an arena, where you will draft your Creepies to fight for you. You’ll place bets, wagering Monies on who you think will win, purchase gear and items to upgrade your Creepies, and play Mischief cards to spice up the arena and pull the wool over your opponents’ eyes. Grab as many Victory Crystals as you can, by either winning fights legitimately, or secretly completing hidden objectives. The first to five Victory Crystals wins the game in this epic player-versus-player smash.

Each crazy Creepie has their own personality. Not only will they make you laugh out loud (happens to me all the time), but they’ll wreak havoc on your opponents. The Frigid Witch, for example, can give you the Cold Shoulder, which increases her attack value.

You can beer and pretzels it, or you can take the game seriously. Combining Creepies with unique Gear and Ability cards gives the combat an extremely robust and strategic depth. The brilliance of the game is that it takes a stout gladiator-styled system, and imbues enough simplicity and comedy that the game attracts a broader scope of players, while still keeping hardcore gamers happy. You can even negotiate deals and alliances while you’re in the arena, making it a highly social game perfect for a bar or board game cafe.

Everything in this game is a joke, except the game itself. With a light-hearted pop-culture parody-themed coating, and a competitive light strategy game core, King of the Creepies is out for blood at $39.99 in June 2017.

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