Infinity CodeOne: Operation Crimson Stone is Available for Pre-Order

Infinity CodeOne: Operation Crimson Stone is now available for pre-order. The new CodeOne starter box incorporates two factions into the game, Ariadna and Nomads.

An exclusive bundle is only available from July 5th to July 22nd.

The Nomad facilities at Hlökk Station hold the location of a huge Teseum asteroid found in the outer area of the Brisingamen Belt. This rock menaces the primacy of Ariadna in Concilium Prima’s Teseum market, but that’s nothing that cannot be solved with a quick covert operation. There is no colder war than one fought in the void.

This box contains 14 miniatures belonging to the two different armies of the Nomads and Ariadna, and everything you need to start collecting Infinity CodeOne or just to complete your collection!

You can get Wolgang Amadeus Wolff as a pre-order exclusive for free!

Wolgang Amadeus Wolff

Dire Foes Mission Pack Gamma: Xanadu Rush

Two old friends, Jazz and Cadin “FirstStrike,” both Veterans from Defiance, are now on opposite sides. Will they put loyalty to their nation above a friendship forged with blood?

Play the narrative mission Xanadu Rush!

Jazmín “Jazz” Caticovas, Billie, Cadin “FirstStrike” Donn, and a Lab-Tech.
With this box you can not only expand your collection of Infinity CodeOne miniatures, but you will get new options for your army—giving them personality with these three heroes—and also a neutral model to play missions and scenarios.

If you get everything, you also get the exclusive miniature Dragon Lady Event Exclusive Edition for free!

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