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Introducing Magic: The Gathering Brawl

Want a new format for Magic: The Gathering? Wizards of the Coast has you covered!

It has been revealed the upcoming set Dominaria has a major legendary theme and with that, a brand-new casual format is being introduced where that theme can be used to great effect.

Designed by senior brand narrative designer Gerritt Turner, as well as his personal playgroup, the basics of the new format is it’s casual and uses a Standard card pool.

You build a 60-card Standard-legal deck around a legendary creature or planeswalker. You can have only one copy of any given card in your deck other than basic lands. The legendary creature or planeswalker starts in the command zone and works similar to Commander: you can cast it for its mana cost, and then again for an additional two mana each time. That means you’re playing with 59 cards in the actual deck at this point. Each player starts with 30 life instead of the usual 20.

It’s that simple! You can find more and get some of your questions answered at the Magic website.

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