Is Asmodee for Sale for 2 Billion Euros?

Asmodee logo

Rumors have swirled for some time that Asmodee‘s VC company PAI Partners has been looking to sell the board game company. The rumor has kicked up again due to reporting from Gus & Co. That site is reporting that PAI is looking to sell Asmodee for 2 billion Euros. They acquired the company in 2018 for 1.2 billion Euros from Eurazeo who purchased Asmodee in 2014 for 132 million Euros.

PAI Partners is reportedly working with Goldman Sachs and Natixis Partners to help sell the company.

The news and timing is an interesting one as the board game industry is booming with estimates it reached $11 billion in 2020 and $12 billion is projected for 2021. That’s a year-over-year increase of about $1 billion for the last three years. The industry is also looking to expand from the tabletop with licensing agreements for clothing, household items, entertainment, and more regularly being announced.

Asmodee is a juggernaut of the industry, the second-largest behind Hasbro. Fantasy Flight Games, Catan Studio, Days of Wonder, Z-Man Games are all part of the Asmodee umbrella covering games like Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and more.

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