Is that Tau in Venom: Space Knight? Paging GW Lawyers! (Update)

If there’s one company that fights to defend their IP more than a certain House of Mouse, that’d be the game company Games Workshop who has sicked quite a few lawyers on companies they felt were infringing on their Warhammer and Warhammer 40k IP. That’s what makes today’s Venom: Space Knight #6 rather interesting.

The series has Venom soaring through space as a Marvel version of DC’s Green Lantern and with that he comes across all sorts of alien races… including Tau!? Tau are an high-tech alien race from the popular GW game Warhammer 40K.

Here’s the panels:

Marvel Tau 1 Marvel Tau 2And here’s a GW Tau Hammerhead where you can see the same iconography on the side.

GW HammerheadAnd here’s the GW Sky Ray model with the same missile set up and iconography.

GW Tau Sky RayThings don’t end there, because in the same issue we also have what looks like an Eldar vehicle as well.

Marvel EldarThis wouldn’t be the first time Marvel has dipped into GW design. Amazing Spider-Man #582 featured a Bolt Pistol.

Marvel Bolt PistolUpdate: We have heard back from Games Workshop who has said they are aware of this and it has been passed along to their legal team for further investigation.


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