It’s a Big Week of Dragons, Dungeon Bowl, Necromunda Outcasts, and head to Middle-Earth and explore Balin’s Tomb

Games Workshop newest pre-orders are here and it’s full of highly anticipated releases. There’s something for everyone this week!

For Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Krondys and Karazai are coming! The Sons of Dracothian are here to fight on behalf of the Stormcast Eternals. Krondys brings powerful Draconith magic while Karazai lets his rage take over. The kit retails for $150.

Joining them are the Stormdrake Guard. These dragon-riding Stormcast pack a mighty punch, especially when fielded in all-dragon armies. You can also make them into Knight-Draconis. The kit retails for $110.

Stormdrake Guard

Fans of Blood Bowl have a lot coming.

Dungeon Bowl is the subterranean version of Blood Bowl. Full of chests and portals hiding the ball, the Colleges of Magic gather their teams to settle scores. The box set retails for $160 on the Games Workshop website but you can get it from other retailers for $136.

Dungeon Bowl

Expand your Goblin teams with accessories like a dice set, card pack, and double-sided pitch with dugouts. The dice retail for $18, the pitch retails for $47, and the cards retail for $27.

 Goblin team accesories

The Underhive Outcasts come to Necromunda! This new gang battles it out with the official Houses. While they may be outgunned, they make up for it in their numbers. The gang retails for $42.

Underhive Outcasts

You’ll need rules to play them and that’s where the Book of the Outcast comes in. The 136-page book features gang tactics, Hangers-on, Gang Strongholds, and Outcast scenarios as well as a whole Outlander Campaign, plus more! The physical book retails for $47 and a digital version is available.

Book of the Outcast

How about battling it out in a market? You can get the Zone Mortalis: Underhive Market which features the essentials to give your setting some nice flair. The scenery retails for $50.

Zone Mortalis: Underhive Market

Underhive Outcasts Gang Tactics are handy reference cards for your Outcast gang fighters, plus 18 tricksy Outcast gang tactics. You can get them for $15.

Underhive Outcasts Gang Tactics

Battle in Balin’s Tomb with The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring™ – Battle in Balin’s Tomb. This new boxed game allows for an easy way to dive into the world of Middle-Earth. Recreate the iconic scene with 22 plastic miniatures that include the Fellowship, 12 Moria Goblins, and a mighty Cave Troll. The game retails for $75.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring™ – Battle in Balin’s Tomb

Games Workshop continues to license things out with Starforged Warhammer 40,000 Keyrings and Purity Seal Pin Badge.

Show off your love of the game with new keyrings of a melta bomb, bolter round, and a Ultramarines storm shield. There’s also an Imperial Aquila Purity Seal Pin Badge.

If you enjoy your fantasy how about Starforged Warhammer Age of Sigmar Keyrings. You can choose from a Khornate Shield and a Sigmarite Shield.

Starforged Warhammer Age of Sigmar Keyrings

Black Library has some releases starting with the Forges of Mars Special Edition Boxed Set Collection. Graham McNeill’s explosive Forges of Mars trilogy – Priests of Mars, Lords of Mars, and Gods of Mars into a special edition boxed set. It also features a short story, Zero Day Exploit. The box set retails for $150.

Forges of Mars Special Edition Boxed Set Collection

If you want more tanks in your story, then check out Andy Clark’s Steel Tread that follows the footsteps of Hadeya Etsul as she takes charge of a dysfunctional Cadian tank crew. The book retails for $16 or get it for the same amount from an independent retailer.

 Steel Tread

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