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It’s Necromunda this Week from Forge World

With Gang War 3 and House Van Saar being released for pre-order by Games Workshop this weekend, Forge World is getting in on Necromunda with numerous releases that you can pre-order now.

You can order Slate Merdena and his Cyber Mastiff Macula, an Orlock Hired Gun for £20.  Slate controls a dozen Hive Primus Ash Gates in the name of House Orlock, and has earned a reputation for being nigh unkillable – having survived bullets to the chest, blades between the shoulders and even being thrown under the wheels of his own rig. Often the mere sight of Slate and his faithful Cyber Mastiff Macula, are enough to send enemies running, lest the end their days as a mile-marker on the Spider Points, like so many before them.

The model comes in 8 components as a multi-part resin kit.

Eyros Slagmyst is a bounty hunter who you can order for £18. Eyros was once an underhive dome-rigger from Cogtown, one of the sweating, emaciated souls responsible for repairing the rusting pipe networks that fed the dismal settlement.

This model is a 4 component multi-resin kit.

Belladonna is one of seven daughters of Orlena Escher. She stalks the underhive as a Bounty Hunter for hire, seeking her husband’s killers and the identity of the mysterious faction that sundered the alliance of Escher and Ran Lo before the ink was even dry on the marriage contract. The figure is a 4 part resin kit and you can order it for £18.

The Squats return with Grendl Grendlsen! Grendl is famed for protecting his charges from their rivals and subsequently claiming the bounty on the would-be assassins’ heads, and so far there has been no shortage of foolhardy rivals eager to test his skills, and his infamous hammer. This 4 component resin kit costs £18.

The Goliaths get two weapon sets, each £16. You’ll be able to better equip your gang with firepower using these new kits.

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