It’s Prime Time for Aristeia!

Aristeia! Prime Time

Corvus Belli expands the world of Aristeia! with a new expansion Prime Time. Prime Time increases the number of players at the table for the MOBA inspired board game. Listening to player feedback, Corvus Belli designed Prime Time to allow the game to be played with a wider group of people.

The expansion features a new Running Order shared by all players, mini control panels, new action cards, a new game mat, and loads of fun. It allows up to 4 players to play in the HexaDome. The expansion features 4 new scenarios that are exclusive to this multiplayer mode, some of which will be adapted to the standard game mode.

The expansion is made so anyone can dive in and enjoy. It features an easy to learn introduction for new players taking them step by step through the game including modifications for 3 or 4 players. There’s two scenarios made to help players learn the basic concepts and mechanics. Veteran players will with new rules allowing them to skip the introduction tutorial.

Prime Time can be played with any of the HexaDomes released so far. Since teams have been reduced to two characters to speed up player decision-making, the gaming arena has been downsized which promotes player interaction.

The box set features a 48 page rulebook in four languages made up of two parts, an introduction and a complete ruleset. Beyond the two introduction scenarios there’s 5 new scenarios included.

Aristeia! Prime Time will be available in stores starting November 20th.

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