Jimmy Le and Trivia Fox Join Renegade Game Studios

Jimmy Le

Renegade Game Studios has announced two new hires. Jimmy Le and Trivia Fox have joined the team as Associate Producers as part of Renegade’s continuing growth.

New Associate Producer: Board & Card Games, Jimmy Le began working in the tabletop industry since 2015, mostly as part of the Organized Play at Fantasy Flight Games. There, he specialized in planning events with retailers, community events, conventions, and Fantasy Flight Games tournament track across North America.

At Renegade, Jimmy will be putting his project management skills to use in making the actual games, working closely with the production, creative, and marketing teams to ensure things progress smoothly through the process of game creation.

Trivia Fox

Trivia Fox, the new Associate Producer: Roleplaying Games is a longtime roleplaying game fan, harkening back to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Most recently of Roll20, Fox served as team lead for the content conversion team and Roll20 Marketplace. In addition to their experience at Roll20, Fox has served as Art Director for games such as Thirsty Sword Lesbians and Burn Bryte.

Fox will join the fast-growing RPG team headed by Elisa Teague, managing the creation and production of games like Vampire 5th Edition, Kids on Bikes, The Altered Carbon RPG, and more. Among other duties, they’ll be responsible for assisting with localization efforts and ensuring all products meet a high standard of quality.

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