Kickstarter Spotlight: IDW's Kill Shakespeare…. the Game!

Today, IDW Games in cooperation with Pandasaurus Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for their first joint venture, Kill Shakespeare. The campaign’s goal is $25,000, and there will be a series of stretch goals in place that will make incremental improvements to the game for each milestone hit. With an amazing creative team in place and two world-class artists delivering the box and game art, this campaign is poised to be a huge success!

The first 250 people to back the Kill Shakespeare campaign will secure copies of the game at the deepest discount available. No matter when fans pledge during the campaign, the game will be offered $10 under suggested retail price, with free or discounted shipping around the globe!

This campaign offers fans the chance to pick up additional content ranging from comics to lithographs to a set of custom dice. Stretch goals are in place to improve the quality of the game components as well as expanding game content to include more characters and quests.

Why I Like It: I’ve loved the Kill Shakespeare comics, so to be able to play a game in that world is more than fine with me. Here’s hoping we get even more… can you say RPG?

Best Pledge: $40 gets you a copy of the game at a deep discount for the first 250 people. I pledged at this amount and kicked in some extra money for the dice game too.

Risk: LOW – The artwork for the game is complete and the only things left to do are the Kickstarter specific items. Add that on top of the fact that an established company like IDW is behind it, and I’m not too worried. I think at most the issue might be delays in the ship date due to production issues.

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