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Knight Models’ Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Goes from Kickstarter to Pre-Order for Only 3 Countries

In February, Knight Models announced their Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game would launch for orders on March 14 on Kickstarter. Yesterday, the company did a 180 and now the game will be available through their website but only to three countries, the US, UK, and Spain.

When asked about certain countries and shipping, the company responded with “we can’t.” Speculation points to licensing restrictions as a possible reason. They also stated that the Kickstarter would have also been limited to those three countries.

The company said the change from Kickstarter to a pre-order through their site is the “best way to ensure the game reaches all the fans in the best possible way.”

Those looking forward to the game are upset that the game’s shipping is limited to three countries which will no doubt lead to resellers attempting to profit off of the dissappointment.

The pre-order will run from March 14th to April 14th with the game being sent to those who pre-order in September 2018. That includes upfront payments

The company has different options to purchase the game with the pre-order providing a savings.

The core game costs 80€ with an MRSP of 100€. Miniature expansion packs cost anyhere from 16€ (MSP 20€) to 30€ (MRSP 37,5€). Adventures packs cost 30€ for pre-order and 37,5€ MRSP. Finally there’s bundles that cost 150€ (MRSP 217,5€) and an “all in” for 300€ (MRSP 470€).

There are also incentives to purchase and a figure limited to the pre-order only.

The prices include 21% VAT and doesn’t seem to include shipping. The “final prices with shipping costs” will be posted on March 14, so expect the above to shift a bit.

While the prices aren’t that different from other games Knight Models has released and comparable to other miniature games, some felt the prices are too high and of course there’s the limited countries they’ll ship too.

Individuals took to the Knight Models Facebook and YouTube page to voice their displeasure which resulted in the game and miniature company removing comments and banning individuals. The company has had a tense relationship with gamers in the past over their Batman Miniature Game and DC Universe Miniature Game where similar behavior has been exhibited by Knight Models.

The company surprised the gaming community when what was expected to be a miniature game much like their DC and Batman games was in fact a board game with miniatures. Another twist was the decision to initially sell it through Kickstarter (an increasingly popular venue) and now this reversal for that.

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