Knight Models has 8 New Releases for the Batman Miniature Game

It’s a packed month for the Batman Miniature Game from Knight Models. The game has eight new releases available for order. It’s an Organized Crime focused month with multiple releases for the faction.

Black Mask gets an updated sculpt that’s worthy to be the center of any faction. The miniature retails for $40.61.

Batman Miniature Game Black Mask

It’s all about the Pain & Money for this Organized Crime gang. Featuring Alexandra Kosov, Victor Zsaz, Fright, and multiple thugs, you get nine miniatures for $70.84.

Batman Miniature Game: Organized Crime Pain & Money

You can get Reinforcements for Pain & Money in The Fixer and another thug for $20.78.

Batman Miniature Game: Pain & Money Reinforcements

A webstore exclusive, the Batman villain Eraser is available for $17.95.

Batman Miniature Game Eraser

Hang ten with the Joker from the classic Batman television series. He’s available for $17.95.

Batman Miniature Game: Joker Classic TV Series

If you have crime then you have Crime Lords. The Gotham Crime Lords include Carmine Falcone, Alberto Falcone, Lex Luthor, Ventriloquist, and Sal Maroni. The box set retails for $37.78.

Batman Miniature Game: Gotham Crime Lords

What’s an organized crime without thugs. Vipera, Showtime, Battista, The Taylor, The Bull, Malatesta, Fat Johnny, and Troy Sins are in this set. It retails for $47.23.

Batman Miniature Game: Organized Crime Thugs

Reaper is available as well for $11.81.

Batman Miniature Game: Reaper

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