Knight Models Reveals a 3rd Edition Starter Box and More of Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models has been teasing out what’s getting released this April. Along with quite a few new miniatures, a new 3rd edition starter box has been shown for the Batman Miniature Game.

The new starter set is a stripped down version of the big box previously released. You get the rules, dice, templates, and more to play. Also included are two gangs.

Batman comes with Harvey Dent and four members of the GCPD. Harley Quinn leads her gang which features six members and Deathstroke.

The first box was released in November 2019 and has been difficult to get for a while. Missing in this stripped-down version looks to be the scenery, Joker, and Gordon with the Bat Signal.

Along with the starter set Commissioner Gordon and the Bat Signal will be released and will have two mounting options, a 40mm and 60mm base. So, if you missed him in the first box release, you can still get the impressive figure.

Gordon will also be featured in a two-pack with Arnold Flass, a character from Batman: Year One. Flass was a corrupt cop, who along with other cops, decided to teach Gordon a lesson beating him up.

James Gordon and Arnold Flass

And what’s “Year One” without Batman? Batman gets a new version depicting that era.

Batman Year One

A new Object Card set will be released featuring numerous crews’ objective decks in one box. The set says “#1” so expect more to come.

Object Card

The month also wraps up with an exclusive for the webstore… Crazy Quilt!

Crazy Quilt

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