Knight Models Reveals Aquaman, Supergirl, Nightwing, and More

Knight Models has revealed its March releases for their Batman Miniature Game and DC Universe Miniature Game. The releases include not only new figures but also a new campaign book.

There’s a couple interesting things of note with this release. The new Arkham Knight Campaign Book comes with an exclusive Arkham Knight (Jason Todd) with sniper rifle. The figure has three different heads to choose from.

This also represents the company’s first “DC Multiverse” release with Catwoman. These releases will include rules for use of the figure in both the Batman Miniature Game as well as the DC Universe Miniature Game.

Being releases this month includes the Batman Miniature Game Arkham Knight Campaign Book, Nightwing, Penguin and Street Demonz, Penguin Lieutenant, and Catwoman. All for use with the Batman Miniature Game.

For the DC Universe Miniature Game releases include Catwoman, Aquaman, Supergirl, and markers for Sinestro Corp, Green Lantern, and Superman.

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