Knight Models Reveals Bane Unleashed and Death Metal: Batman for the Batman Miniature Game Plus More New Releases

Knight Models has kicked off its Black Friday deals with discounts, “free” models, and two limited edition models.

You can save up to 35% on the Knight Models website on its products. There are also two exclusive miniatures for purchases over 100 €: Alfred Pennyworth (with a Batman Miniature Game item) and Cat Hermione (with a Harry Potter Adventures Minaiture Game item).

Knight Models Black Friday deals

But, it’s those new releases! There are TWO Black Friday exclusive miniatures. Batman Miniature Game: Bane Unleashed retails for 33,06 € while Batman Miniature Game: Death Metal Batman retails for 20,66 €. You can now get a rather iconic moment from Batman comics in one and rock out with one of the more interesting recent version of Batman in the other.

But, there’s also lots of new releases!

Mr. Freeze arrives with a new miniature for 35,54 €. This version delivers a take on the character that has some influence from across the eras.

Mr. Freeze

Joining Mr. Freeze is the Batman Miniature Game: Mr. Freeze Crew: Cold as Ice crew for 74,34 €. It features four foot soldiers, two polar bears, and Killer Frost with an all-new killer scultp!

You can expand your gang with the Batman Miniature Game: Mr. Freeze Reinforcements for 18,18 €. You get two additional henchmen that feature Cryo Light Cannons and a Cryo Sword. Both come with the main gang.

Batman Miniature Game: Mr. Freeze Reinforcements

Finally, the DC Multiverse Miniature Game gets a new release with DC Miniature Game: Larfleeze, Greed Lord. For 33,06 €, this new beautifully miniature can be yours!

DC Miniature Game: Larfleeze, Greed Lord

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