Knight Models Reveals Joker's Gang for the Batman Miniature Game Box

Knight Models has revealed the second crew that will be a part of the Batman Miniature Game Game Box. The Batman Miniature Game is exactly as it sounds, a miniature game featuring characters not just from Batman, but across the DC Universe. Up to this point, one would purchase their models and gang separately along with a rule book. It sounds like Knight Models will be releasing a box set featuring two gangs, and we’re not quite sure what else right now.

Previously, it was revealed that the first gang was based on the Suicide Squad, the version from the recent movie. The game publisher has now revealed the second, also based on the film the Joker and his gang. What’s interesting is Harley Quinn is shown for both gangs.

Check out a pick of the gang below. We’ll have more updates as the rest of the box contents and price are revealed.


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