Knight Models reveals new Batman Miniature Game releases for Black Knight Week!

Knight ModelsBlack Knight Week runs until 11:59 PM CET on Tuesday November 28 and they’ve got some new releases for the Batman Miniature Game to kick things off. That includes up to 40% off the Batman Miniature Game catalog and up to 60% off the DC Multiverse Miniature Game catalog

Amanda Waller’s Command Team features Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, Economos, and Emilia Harcourt. Get this group of specialists who oversees the investigation of people with powers, Flag to oversee the Suicide Squad, and Waller to rule them all.

Amanda Waller’s Command Team

It’s Batman Forever with Two-Face & Riddler. This duo are based on the film. Have them join forces to take on Batman and stop all of his actions once and for all.

Two-Face & Riddler Batman Forever

There’s a new Harley Quinn mini! Harley Quinn & her Hyenas features her and her hyenas Bud and Lou. Take to the streets and have some fun!

Harley Quinn & her Hyenas

Batman, Gotham City Knight is a new miniature design for the Dark Knight. This model is a skin for all miniatures with the alias “Batman” and name “Bruce Wayne” that use a 40mm base.

Batman, Gotham City Knight

There’s a new centerpiece for your game with Gotham Queens: Poison Ivy. The queen of nature finally claims her throne. She, along with her beloved plants, will be the owner of the city of Gotham, turning it into a paradise for nature. This miniature is a skin for all miniatures with the alias “Poison Ivy”.

Gotham Queens: Poison Ivy

Rule over Gotham with Gotham Kings: Ra’s al Ghul. The leader of the League of Assassins now becomes king! The demon’s head has had centuries to prepare for this moment. Now he has become the king of Gotham City and will control the streets alongside his army of assassins. This miniature is a skin for all miniatures with the alias “Ra’s al Ghul”.

Gotham Kings: Ra’s al Ghul

Maybe the mob is more your thing? Get Gotham Kings: Falcone. The mafia has appeared! Falcone is one of the most powerful characters in Gotham City. He acts in the shadows controlling the streets. Besides, he has infiltrators in the police and even deals with the leaders of the city. Behind his reign there is corruption, delinquency and crimes that Batman will have to stop if he does not want to see the Gotham city controlled by Falcone. This miniature is a skin for all miniatures with the alias “Carmine Falcone” o “The Roman”.

Gotham Kings: Falcone

The Royal Flush Gang has charisma, techniques, and aptitudes to be difficult adversaries to defeat. Their code names will give you a clue as to their position in the crew and what you can expect from each of them. This is a new crew for Batman Miniature Game and contains all the necessary elements to start playing with it.

The Royal Flush Gang

Royal Flush Gang deck of cards. Enjoy the Royal Flush Crew Objective Deck! In this deck you can find an explanatory card and the objectives of the crew, which will give you a totally unique gaming experience.

Royal Flush Crew Objective Deck

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