Knight Models Reveals the Batman Miniature Game Suicide Squad Two-Player Game Box

The Suicide Squad: a team of incarcerated super-villains coerced into performing high-risk operations for the US Government in exchange for commuted sentences. Formally known as Task Force X, the squad’s actions are highly classified, and the team itself is highly expendable.

Knight Models has revealed a new deluxe box set is the first two-player game box for the Batman Miniature Game, containing everything you to fight out vicious street-battles between the Suicide Squad and the Joker’s crew.

The new box set features 13 figures and character cards, rule book including a special campaign, 2 full-color die-cut card buildings, 4 lamp posts markers, 4 sewer markers, “take the lead” and objective counters and dice.

This is the first box set for the game. Up to this point, figures have been sold individually and in four-man gangs and the rules have been available in a hard cover book.

A price hasn’t been announced, but I’d expect it to be about $125 to $150. The wording from the announcement also makes it sound like we may see more box sets in the future.


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