Knight Models Reveals The Riddler Gang and Quelle for the Batman Miniature Game

After a teaser earlier this year, Knight Models has revealed a brand new release for their Batman Miniature Game. The Riddler gets a new sculpt and gang (and with that new rules and statistics). Unlike previous releases, this version is more like the classic design of the DC Comics’ character.

Along with the Riddler and his gang is Quelle a rather obscure character. Quelle has appeared in just two issues debuting in Harley Quinn #6 back in May 2001.

Quelle, real name Josette, was an old family friend of the Waynes who agrees to aid the Riddler when her family loses money due to poor investments. Quelle’s role was to distract Bruce Wayne at a charity fundraiser but due to a lot of interference, the Riddler gang bolts abandoning Quelle.

Check out the images of the figures and statistics below.

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