Knight Models Shows of Starfire, Kid Flash, Black Canary, Ravager, Nightcrawler, Hawkeye, and Vision

Knight Models has revealed the new miniatures up for pre-order for their Batman Miniature Game and Marvel Universe Miniature Game. The Batman Miniature Game is seeing four new releases while the Marvel Universe Miniature Game is receiving three.

Hot on the heals of “The Flash and Arrow” expansion, Kid Flash is getting a model. He comes with the ability “Vibration Wave” which forces characters around him to take an agility test or get knocked down. He also takes advantage of the new “Speed Force” rules as well.

Knight Models Batman Miniature Game Kid FlashStafire makes her debut with a beautifully dynamite miniature. She’s a flyer who can help you with your offensive capabilities.

Knight Models Batman Miniature Game StarfireClose combat, and hate for Green Arrow and the law, can be yours with Ravager.

Knight Models Batman Miniature Game RavagerThe Batman Animated Series line of figures gets a new addition with Black Canary and her Canary Cry. The figure continues to capture the look of the animated series and is a great addition to the line.

Knight Models Batman Miniature Game Batman Animated Series Black CanaryOver for the Marvel Universe Miniature Game….

The Avengers get a new member with Hawkeye. The level 6 character comes armed with a bunch of trick arrows for you to use on the attack.

Knight Models Marvel Universe Miniature Game HawkeyeThe X-Men get some quick movement with Nightcrawler. The level 5 character allows you to move anywhere on the table with his Bampf! Brimstone smell not included.

Knight Models Marvel Universe Miniature Game NightcrawlerFinally the Avengers get another team member with Vision who at level 8 will absorb damage to his nearby teammates and the heal.

Knight Models Marvel Universe Miniature Game The VisionThe pre-order runs until May 26 at which point they’ll be shipped out to folks.

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