Knight Models Shows Off Suicide Squad for Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models has been teasing out models over the past week for what sounds like a boxed game release for their Batman Miniature Game.

Up to this point, the Batman Miniature Game has been available in a hardcover rulebook and either individual models or gangs featuring four figures. It looks like this “game box” will feature two gangs, the first revealed is the Suicide Squad.

While some of these characters have been available in other versions, this new Suicide Squad gang is based on the movie versions of the characters.

It’s unknown for certainty what the other gang available is or what else will be in the box, but it’s a guess that the Joker’s gang will be the other based on a teaser image of the Panda with a gun from the film. You can see photos of the full gang and some of the individual models below.


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