Knight Models Teases the Riddler Gang and Catwoman for Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models is starting 2017 off right with more reveals of models we’ll be getting down the road, this time for the Batman Miniature Game. In kicking off their Instagram account the game publisher has a few photos but two stand out.

Standing along with the recently released “Dynamic Duo” of Batman and Robin is what looks like a new Catwoman figure, this one featuring her in her iconic purple leotard costume which I believe debuted in 1993 with Catwoman #1.

We also get a look at the Riddler gang featuring a new Riddler sculpt (I think), and gang members that are a bit of a throwback to the Batman ’66 gang as well as female member of the team. Previously a gang featuring the Riddler and a “bot army” (don’t ask). In the background we also see a Batmobile defaced, which actually looks pretty cool.

It’s unknown when these figures will be released other than 2017.

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