Lightseekers Blends Augmented Reality with Trading Cards

Tech and physical have been blended more and more and the new Lightseekers Trading Card Game is bringing augmented reality to gaming. Meant for those ages 8 and up, Lightseekers is packed with augmented reality trading cards that give you special in-game abilities and feature smart figures that act as the game controller.

Lightseekers‘ interactive trading cards not only unlock spells, boosts or other characters but also offer a trading card game experience on its own. That means Lightseekers Trading card game includes 385+ augmented reality trading cards for hours of play.

Don’t know about the game? Catch the details below.

  • Every card is scanable by the Lightseekers game to unlock AR effects, a one-time in-game bonus, and in-game effects such as new spells, boosts or pets that fight alongside you!
  • Each player chooses a hero and an arsenal of cards (spells, creatures, items, & locations) to defeat their opponents
  • The heroes of the game use a specific branch or subset of the magical energy, which is referred to as an ‘Order’.

The game features 6 Orders, each containing 3 different Elements, that support a specific playstyle; aggressive, defensive, or utility-based.

  • Sacrifice cards to play devastating combos that can turn the tide of a competitive game
  • Deliver damage or receive healing over time using a unique card rotation mechanic
  • The game is quick and easy to learn, but also provides great depth for advanced players
  • The card game is ideal for 2 players, but supports as many players as you have friends!
  • Games typically last 10-15 minutes, but can vary based on deck complexity, skill level, and number of players

The Lightseekers Starter Deck retails for $19.99. A 2-players Intro Set retails for $29.99.

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