Like Quoridor and Quarto? Then discover Qawale this February!


Gigamic has released some amazing abstract games over the years. Not just because of the gameplay, but the presentation has made games like Quoridor and Quarto classics. Coming this February is their latest, Qawale. Grab your favorite Player 2 and challenge them to this three-dimensional landscape where mancala meets four-in-a-row.

Both simple and tactical, Qawale is inspired by piles of stones found along paths. Each player takes 8 stones in their color. On your turn, you add a stone on top of any pile and move it. When moving a pile, you must leave a stone on each space you cross. The first player to get 4 of their stones in a row, wins the game.

Don’t get too focused on your own strategy, because your opponent can swoop in with a victory if you’re not thinking three turns ahead. Simultaneously simple yet challenging, Qawale will keep you coming back again and again.

Designed by Romain Froger and Didier Lenain-Bragard, Qawale is for 2 players ages 8+ with games lasting 15 minutes.

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