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Lots of Horus Heresy News out of the Weekender

At the Nottingham Belfry Hotel this weekned gamers descended for the Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender. Lots of news is coming out of it concerning the future of Horus Heresy. The Space Marine Legions and their allies have new things coming!

The Argoran Armoured Transport is a transport vehicle for the Solar Auxilia. Heavily armoured, it’s a great way to get your Solar Auxilia where you need them on the battlefield.

The Termite returns with the Taerrax pattern Termite Assault Drill. The vehicle first appeared in Epic many years ago. Why travel above land when you can bury below?

Why settle for the Termite when you can also get an Imperial Mole, another classic model re-imagined.

Another classic returns with the Legion Land Speeder. It’s an updated version of the classic Space Marine Land Speeder mixing that design with the more modern aesthetic. What’s interesting is, it’s mentioned for use in both Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000.

There’s new vehicle doors, the Alpha Legion and Salamanders.

There’s also some Mechanicum love with the Acastus Knight variant as well as Magos Dominus Anacharis Scoria, a founder of the Dark Mechanicum.

There’s also heroes of the Alpha Legion including Lernaen Terminator but the biggest reveal was the Primarch of the XX Legion himself, Alpharius!

Two new heroes of the Imperium also debuted, Rogal Dorn and Constantin Valdor – Captain-General of the Legio Custodes.

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