LVO 2022: Aeldari Corsairs Plunder Nachmund in Kill Team

As has become tradition at the Las Vegas Open, Games Workshop held a preview event showing off some of what’s coming soon for their games. Kill Team got some hints as to what’s coming in the next “season”.

As shouldn’t be a surprise, the game will turn its focus on the conflict in Nachmund. At least one “new faction” will coming to the battlefield with the Aeldari Corsairs!

The Voidscarred kill team takes inspiration from the noble Asuryani, the sadistic Drukhari, and other things they picked up along the way. Being interstellar pirates, expect a pretty diverse look for the models.

But, this force won’t be limited to Kill Team, you’ll be able to use them with your Aeldari and Drukhari armies.

Aeldari Corsairs

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