Magic: The Gathering Makes Major Release Changes

magic the gathering logoWizards of the Coast has some big changes coming for Magic: The Gathering beginning in the fall of 2015. The game’s releases will be shifting, moving from a three block set to a two block, twice-a-year format.

This change will be due to perceived limitations and concerns with the current plan, including how to keep interest up as blocks progress, the needs of new players and experienced vets, and the overall story among other things.

This change means the elimination of the core set, and the rotation of Standard format cards every 18 months instead of 24. This change will affect the Khans of Tarkir release, which will be the last of the three set blocks. This changes how long cards from that set will be legal for the Standard format.

The yearly format will now include a large fall expansion and small winter expansion in “World 1,” and then a large spring expansion and small summer expansion set in “World 2.”

Standard will be changing a lot, so this’ll be interesting how it all shakes out in tournaments. In 2016 the format will play three two-set blocks instead of two three-set blocks.

Can’t wait to see where this goes!

(via ICv2)

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