Mantic Games Reveals the Dwarf Fleet for Armada

Kicking off 2021, Mantic Games has revealed the Dwarf Fleet for Armada. The expansions will be released later this month but can be pre-ordered now.

The Dwarf Starter Fleet features 3 miniatures for the game. It is only due to lack of numbers that the dwarfs are not renowned as a sea power, for their ships, known as ironclads, are amongst the strongest in the world –wrought with the meticulous precision of the Warsmiths, powered by steam, and bristling with the most accurate cannon on the high seas.

Pre-Order: Mantic Games, Miniature Market, Amazon

Dwarf Starter Fleet

The Dwarf Booster Fleet features 4 miniatures. All dwarf vessels are armour-plated, smoke-belching paddle-steamers, and are treated with reverential pride by the crew. Every handle, wheel and valve is decorated with a Warsmith’s unique sigils; every rivet stamped with a seal of approval.

Pre-Order: Mantic Games, Miniature Market, Amazon

Dwarf Booster Fleet

Also revealed are MDF ship card trays to keep things organized. You can buy them in packs of four or individually.


MDF ship card trays

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