Mantic Reveals Dale and Details for The Walking Dead: All Out War

The Walking Dead All Out War DaleMantic Games is giving us a week of updates about their brand new miniature game The Walking Dead: All Out War.

The game is a head-to-head game with zombies acting through AI control. AI also means you can play the game solo, a nice bonus for fans of tabletop miniature games.

The game allows you to play as popular characters from The Walking Dead comics such as Rick, Shane, Michonne, Dale, Carl, and many more.

The figures will be released in plastic, allowing players to paint them as they choose. They will also include character cards with stats. You’ll be able to upgrade your group with equipment and weapons.

Play is on a mat which features barricades, abandoned cars and supplies to help build the atmosphere. Movement is through a measuring stick and terrain is a factor in the game.

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