Mantic’s New Range of Sci-Fi Vehicles for Warpath

Mantic Games has revealed their new range of sci-fi vehicles for Warpath, the futuristic wargame of epic proportions, is available in stores now! From the mighty Enforcer Interceptor streaking across the sky raining bullets on its enemies, to the heavily armoured Forge Father Sturnhammer rumbling across the battlefield, these incredibly detailed vehicles bring a new and exciting element to sci-fi wargaming.


Armed with a main battery of Heavy Hailstorm Cannons and clad in armour capable of withstanding all but the most powerful and well-placed blasts, the Sturnhammer inexorably carries the might of the Forge Fathers to war.


The Drakkar’s sloped, reinforced armour makes it one of the toughest troop delivery vehicles on any battlefield anywhere. With a Hailstorm anti-personnel weapon to discourage any assailants along the way, the vehicle is an extremely safe and reliable transport for platoons of Steel Warriors and Forge Guard.


Powerful engines and adaptable treads allow the Hultr Half-Track to react to the flow of battle fluidly, supporting the Forge Father lines with its Hailstorm or Magma Cannon.


The Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere’s most advanced military demands equally advanced air support. The Accuser and Persecutor wings fulfill this task faultlessly, claiming air superiority for the Enforcers below. Take off with the Interceptor!


The Arbiter swaps the Accuser’s Burst Lasers in favour of twin Polaris Cannons, delivering a heavy punch against armoured targets in swift ground-to-air strikes few enemies can counter. Strike fear into your opponents.

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