Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War- Available Now!

Whose side are you on? Marvel’s Iron Man and Captain America go head-to-head in the Dice Masters universe with today’s release of the Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War set. This exciting new installment in the tabletop dice-battling series features Super Heroes and Super Villains from the Marvel Civil War storyline, and debuts some all-new Dice Masters gameplay mechanics!

Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War includes more than 30 fan-favorite Pro and Anti Registration characters including She-Hulk, Ronin, Black Widow and more! With gameplay that supports two players in epic dice battles, players choose sides in the Mutant Registration conflict and create teams for whatever faction they support.

Players can pick up the Starter Set for $19.99 MSRP and enjoy exciting 2-player games right out of the box. Or, to expand your collection, WizKids also offers Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War foil packs (or full gravity feed), which contain two cards and two dice with additional heroes and villains. Available for $0.99 MSRP each, these make customizing your team easy and exciting for new and established Dice Masters players alike! There’s also the playmat, Collector’s Box, dice bag, and team box.

We got an early look at the Starter set, playmat, and some boosters and you can check out the unboxing below.







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