Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool: Angel Dust


This November sees the newest release for WizKidsDice Masters, Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool. The set is focused on Deadpool’s world including the X-Men and Weapon X, but the set also includes some other familiar characters and the first appearance of the Inhumans team affiliation. I’ll be reviewing a card a day until the set’s release in a few weeks. But, beyond discussing the cards and how they fit into the Dice Masters game, I’ll also focus on the characters themselves and if the card reflects their comic history.

Next up is Angel Dust: Chicagoan, the common version of the card.

Art: Shawn Martinbrough, Morlocks #1

Comic origin: Created by writer Geoff Johns and artist Shawn Martinbrough in 2002, Angel Dust was a mutant who ran away to join the Chicago faction of the Morlocks. She later returned home to her parents after helping the Morlocks and to her surprise her parents accepted her even though she was a mutant.

She lost her powers after the events of the 2005 “Decimation” storyline.

Angel Dust has the power to increase her adrenaline which gives her superhuman strength for a short time period. Her strength can vary depending on those levels and along with her strength her speed, agility, and stamina, are enhanced.

Live action version: Gina Carano played the character in 2016’s Deadpool.

Card playability: It’s interesting the character is a Hydra/Villain affiliation, though I don’t know enough about the characters so there may be an easy explanation for that. With a 5 FIST to purchase and combined fielding costs of 5 the die is kind of expensive to purchase and field, so her use will be in teams that stick around for a while. The card is pretty playable though. Combine it with other cards that force your opponents to block and you have a character that can grow really large easily. Also add in Overcrush and you’ve got a character that can deal some heavy damage too.

Card vs. Comic: Yes. Yes. Yes. The variation in attack and defense values perfectly reflect the character’s varying strength.

Final Thoughts: This card could be fun to play with, especially with a team that’s built around controlling who blocks and getting Overcrush out there. In fact… I might need to put one together.


WizKids provided Graphic Policy with FREE product for review.

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