Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool: Flying Car

marvel-dice-masters-deadpool-flying-car-buckle-upThis November sees the newest release for WizKidsDice Masters, Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool. The set is focused on Deadpool’s world including the X-Men and Weapon X, but the set also includes some other familiar characters and the first appearance of the Inhumans team affiliation. I’ll be reviewing a card a day until the set’s release in a few weeks. But, beyond discussing the cards and how they fit into the Dice Masters game, I’ll also focus on the characters themselves and if the card reflects their comic history.

Next up is Flying Car: Buckle Up!, the common version of the card.

Art: Carlos Pacheco, Atlas #2

Comic origin: It’s a flying car from the series Agents of Atlas. Not sure there’s much more than that. The issue was about 3D-Man trying to figure out why he remembers working with the Agents of Atlas’ leader Jimmy Woo in the 1950s even though he wasn’t born yet. But, there’s a hint about the card’s point and it’s abilities which will be discussed below.

Live action version: Nope!

Card playability: It’s basically the Dice Masters version of Giant Growth from Magic. That would be helpful and with other die that allow you to copy another action die, we’re talking +6A +6D potentially. It’s actually a type of die we haven’t seen much in the game at all.

Card vs. Comic: The +3A and +3D I think is the connection. 3D-Man, get it!

Final Thoughts: Might we be getting an Agents of Atlas team?


WizKids provided Graphic Policy with FREE product for review.

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