Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool is Out Now and Here's the Set List!

marvel-dice-masters-deadpool-2WizKids, Mike Elliott, and Eric M. Lang are at it again with their latest release, Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool, now available in North American retail stores!

Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool features the debut of the Inhumans in Dice Masters! Another special feature in this set is that every card in Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool has a foil version.

Players can now collect foils for each of their favorite characters or just use them to deck out their favorite team.

I’ve unboxed a few packs already and will have my full thoughts on the set and key cards a little later. Check out the set list below!

The first feed featured 109 common cards, 51 uncommon, 17 rares, 1 super rare, and 23 foils. The second feed featured 111 common cards, 48 uncommon, 15 rares, 2 super rares, and 24 foils. Yes, I missed some cards somewhere, but the first box definitely had one super rare.

Check out the set list below!

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