Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set – Iron Spider

iron-spider-waldoesThis February sees the newest release for WizKidsDice Masters, Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set. The first starter set has an Iron Man focus introducing new mechanics.

I’ll be reviewing a card a day until the whole set is completed and then general thoughts on the whole set. But, beyond discussing the cards and how they fit into the Dice Masters game, I’ll also focus on the characters themselves and if the card reflects their comic history.

Up today is Iron Spider which makes its debut in the Dice Masters game.

Art: Tyler Kirkham, Amazing Spider-Man #530

Comic origin: The Iron Spider armor first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #529 and was designed by Joe Quesada where it was based on a sketch by Chris Bachalo.

Supported by a system similar to that of Stark’s classic Iron Man design, The Iron Spider armor features many gadgets, including three mechanical spider-arms, or “waldoes”, that can be used to see around corners (via cameras in the tips) and to manipulate objects indirectly. It also had short-distance gliding capability, limited bulletproofing, built in fire/police/emergency scanner, and more. Think a Spider-Man suit mixed with Iron Man.

Live action version: So far this particular design has not, but it looks like some capabilities may exist in the suit Tony Stark designs for the brand new Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Iron Spider: Waldoes

Card playability: A cheap character die that works for both Spider-Man and Iron Man teams. I like the idea and the next time I have to participate in a two affiliation event, I think I might try this out.

I particularly like “Suit Up” and to be able to get this in quickly at level 2 is not bad. That gives you a 4A 2 D character, though that’s just 1 to field otherwise.


Card vs. Comic: The Waldoes are the arms the suit has so I guess it kind of works? The bigger is switching up the suit and being part of team Stark was a big part of the original Civil War storyline.


Iron Spider: Version 2.0

Card playability: This card also works for both Iron Man or Spider-Man affiliations. This one gives affiliated dice a +1D until the end of turn. If you get a star dice of both affiliations get the +1D.

It’s an ok ability, but compared to “Waldoes” it doesn’t work as well, I’d probably lean towards that one.

Card vs. Comic: I guess? I don’t remember specific versions, but maybe the second version had better defensive abilities?

iron-spider-too-cool-for-wordsIron Spider: Too Cool For Words

Card playability: A bit more expensive than the first two cards this one deals damage to a target character. 2 damage is not something to sneeze at and since it’s for each Iron Man and Spider-Man character die, it can add up quickly and possibly take down some big competition.

Compared to the other two, I personally like the one with “Suit Up” more, but potentially this could work in some teams depending how they’re set up.

Card vs. Comic: Not quite sure about this one other than some of the offensive capabilities of the suit… I guess.

Final Thoughts: “Waldoes” is my favorite of the three and I’m working through my head a combination Iron Man and Spider-Man team to take advantage of it. I don’t see any of these making their way into regular competition, but in events with limitations, this could be an interesting card to build a team around.


WizKids provided Graphic Policy with FREE product for review.

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