Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man, Out Now!

Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man is now out in stores adding new cards, characters, new mechanics, and more! Wizkids has released the usual items including a Starter Set, Gravity Feed Foil Packs, Playmat, Collector’s Box, and Team Box.

The set features fan-favorite characters like Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Kingpin, and also premieres the Sinister Six, Allies, Underdogs, and other exciting mechanics.

For those new to the game, or wanting to easily get some dice and cards, the Starter Set is a great way to begin. The Start set includes 44 custom dice, 38 cards, two dice bags, and rulebook. Exactly what you need to start playing. The set generally retails for $19.99, but deals can be found.

For those who want to collect the set or get new cards and dice, Foil Packs are the way to go. Each foil pack contains two dice and two cards, it’s the way to get the main set which features more than 30 heroes and villains. The set obviously features Spider-Man, but also Gwen Stacy, Aunt May, Blink, the Sinister Six, Agent Venom, Cloak, Dagger, and some cool mechanics like Allies and Underdogs. Foil packs generally retail for $0.99 or about $90 for a full gravity feed booster box. You can definitely find full booster boxes for lower than the suggested retail price.



You need a place to store all of those dice, and the Collector’s Box is a great way to go! Retailing for $24.99, the box has space for over 300 dice plus you get 20 dice (action dice and sidekick dice), basic action cards, indicator cards, as well as a Full Art Promo Card and a felt dice bag. You also get four foil backs for the set too.


Speaking of storing items, there’s also a Team Box to help you organize your cards and dice for when you go to stores for casual play, organized play, and even tournaments. It’s an easy way to keep things organized and easy to find, especially after you have a huge collection and and are choosing cards and dice from multiple sets. The Team Box comes with some really solid art and retails for $19.99, though you can find them much cheaper.


Finally, you need something to play on right? While the Starter Set and Collector’s Box each provide a paper mat to play on, I enjoy using an official Playmat for the size and comfort. Each mat is really well put together laying out the steps of the game, providing lots of space to organize your cards and dice, and the material is super comfortable. Mats retail for $19.99, but can be found cheaper.


The new set looks and sounds fantastic from what we’ve seen and we can’t wait to get a hold of the various releases which we’ll of course have an unboxing of and a write up of our general thoughts and strategies we see evolve by the players in the area.



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