Marvel Shows off Ultra Rares for Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War

Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War, the latest Dice Masters set, releases on May 4 and Marvel has shown off some of the Ultra Rare dice and cards that’ll come with the set.

Inspired by the What If? comic series, Marvel Dice Masters is pleased to announce the all-new Civil War set! For the first time ever, Dice Masters has incorporated the What If? comic series with a set of four super rare cards including Shannon Carter: Captain America of Earth 81223, Natalia Romanova: Black Widow and Thor of Earth 21223, Tony Stark: Sorcerer Supreme of Earth 9810 and Steve Rogers: Iron Man of Earth 10208. What If? comics explore the alternate versions of the regular Marvel Universe and these cards and dice help to capture the different takes on heroes — showing them as they’ve never before been seen in Dice Masters!

Shannon Carter of Earth 81223 lives in a world where Frank Castle becomes the new Captain America and after intense training and a dose of super soldier serum, she becomes a cornerstone of the Captain Americorps program! In Earth 23223, Black Widow faces desperate circumstances but is found worthy to wield Thor’s hammer — Mjolnir — and does so with great effect as the Goddess of Thunder! Tony Stark: Sorcerer Supreme of Earth 9810 would rise to defeat the dread Dormammu despite the betrayal of Doctor Strange and his powers are the best of sorcery and science together! Steve Rogers: Iron Man of Earth 10208 helps lead the heroes both for and against the Superhuman Registration Act to defeat the rampaging clone of Thor!

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