Marvel Zombies – A Zombicide Game is Here to Infect the Tabletop Multiverse!

Marvel Zombies - A Zombicide Game

CMON has launched the anticipated Marvel Zombies – A Zombicide Game blowing past its goal of $500,000 in no time at all.

Marvel Zombies – A Zombicide Game is a new skin of the popular Zombicide board game adapting the concept of Marvel Zombies, a line of comics that spanned multiple volumes and was published by Marvel Comics.

Marvel Zombies is a cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players and features original art by Marco Checchetto.

In the game, you play as Zombie Heroes who must feed off of Bystanders to reach your objectives. You’ll face uninfected superheroes and waves of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents.

Zombie heroes include Captain America, Deadpool, Wasp, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Hulk. Heroes include Spider-Man, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Ms. Marvel, and Black Panther.

With the X-Men Resistance expansion, you play as superheroes attempting to rescue bystanders and taking a stand against Zombie Heroes and hordes of zombie mutants.

Included are Colossus, Rogue, Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, and Mystique with zombie versions of Iceman, Juggernaut, Cyclops, Dark Phoenix, Psylocke, and Sabretooth!

With the Galactus game piece, you can switch between a living and zombie head and arm of Galactus! There’s hero and zombie mode where you’ll try to stop Galactus from devouring Earth or devour Galactus first! You’ll also face Silver Surfer!

There are three tiers to pledge:

  • Undead Pledge – $130 – the basic game as well as all of the rewards that are unlocked.
  • Resistance Pledge – $240 – featuring the main game as well as the X-Men Resistance expansion.
  • Galactus Pledge – $410 – The main game, X-Men Resistance, and Kickstarter exclusive Galactus Pledge!

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