Mind Your Language Delivers an Adult Game Night

Mind Your Language

Adult drinking games have been around for decades and adult party games have exploded in recent years. Mind Your Language has become one of the popular games in that category! This highly competitive and fast-paced game brings both thrills and laughter to the table, allowing players to put their dirty mouth to use as they are challenged to be the first to unravel the words on each card. It is a great way to break the ice at any party and requires minimal setup space and zero-time commitment. Since the game is small and compact, it’s easy to bring and play at any house party, tailgating event, camping trip, or Zoom game night! 

Mind Your Language is often referred to as if Cards Against Humanity and Kings Cup gave birth to a portable word puzzle drinking game. The game includes 100 cards with three color rings – purple, orange, and teal – and 300 words that include adult, drug, or millennial slang. Twenty-five cards have a drinking rule in the center. To get started, a player yells out the top card color and flips the card. The first player to get the correct slang in the correct ring keeps the card. There is no penalty for wrong guesses, only embarrassment. Break the party rules and be prepared to pay the price. The player with the most cards wins while others get drunk, making it a win/win for all! 

The game retails for $19.99 and is for 2+ players ages 18+.

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